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Terms and Conditions

Updated May 2018

Part 1 - Introduction:

  1. These terms and conditions supersede any previously issued and do not affect or restrict your legal rights.

  2. By instructing Super Clean Carpet Cleaners to conduct any of our services either verbally or in writing the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions in full and it is accepted by the customer that they have read and understood these terms and conditions prior to commencement of any services.

Part 2 - Health and safety

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to move any furniture in any given room where a carpet/item is to be cleaned. I am happy to assist in moving lighter items of furniture however I cannot move heavy items of furniture such as filled wardrobes or electrical items. Should a customer wish these to be moved they should do so prior to my arrival. If you wish me to move any items, it is understood that I accept no responsibility or liability for damage or injuries arising from the moving process or as a result of items being moved.

  2. Damageable items and valuables are to removed (by the customer and prior to my arrival) from the room where the carpet / item is to be cleaned to avoid any damage to these items during the cleaning process.

  3. Carpet / upholstery cleaning hot water extraction machines use long hoses connected between the machine and the operator’s wand in addition to long power leads. These and other items of equipment can be trip hazards and it is understood by the customer to take extra care when stepping over equipment and that the company/Mark Putnam accept no liability or damages for injuries resulting from tripping over any equipment or items used by myself.

  4. Carpets, rugs and upholstery will be damp after cleaning and as such may be slippery. It is understood by the customer that extra care must be taken when walking on damp carpets to avoid slipping / falling over and that I accept no liability for any damages or injuries resulting from slipping or falling. Care must be taken when walking on any cleaned carpet or rug and in particular on stairs and when stepping from damp carpet to a hard flooring surface. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise any guests/visitors/people that the carpets may be slippery. Walking on carpets prior to being fully dried can also decrease the effectiveness of the cleaning and can also result in the pile being flattened and drying in that position resulting in a poor appearance. Walking on the carpet prior to being dry is the choice of the customer and I advise against this and accept no liability for any issues resulting from this. Children and pets must be kept off the carpet until dry

  5. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep all people and pets away from both the rooms where cleaning takes place and the equipment used by the company. The equipment and cleaning solutions are only to be touched / moved by myself. Children and pets are to be supervised by the customer at all times. We cannot guarantee people or pets will not experience adverse health reactions from cleaning chemicals therefore people should not enter rooms where cleaning has taken place until they are fully dry and rooms must be well ventilated both during and after the cleaning process until items are fully dry . No liability shall be accepted for damages, illness or any injuries to any persons / pets resulting from failure to adhere to the above. A risk assessment document is available upon request.

Part 4 - Required from the customer:

  1. I will require access to a parking space by the property, hot water and electricity supplied by the customer to complete my cleaning service. I accept no liability for not being able to complete a cleaning service or be responsible for any cleaning results due to lack of hot water, parking or electricity. If cleaning solution is applied to the carpets but not rinsed out due to an electrical issue, I cannot accept any liability for damage to the carpets.

Part 5 - Payment Terms:

  1. a) Payment can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer and is payable on completion of the job. By instructing Super Clean Carpet Cleaners to conduct any of our services it is understood and agreed by the customer to make payment within 24 hours of the job date and failure to do so will result in a late payment charge of £10.00 per day the bill is overdue. Failure to make payment may result in the debt being passed to a debt collection agency and or legal proceedings.

Part 6 - Results, risks and limitations:

  1. The customer accepts that whilst every effort will be made to remove or improve spots and stains, some may be permanent and non removable.
  2. Prior to cleaning a survey will be carried out detailing any limitations or risks. If you request us to commence cleaning I do not accept liability for any damage resulting from potential limitations or risks pointed out. I accept no responsibility or liability where after a carpet or upholstered item has been cleaned pre existing damage such as wear, fading, shading, discolouration or other forms of damage become more visible.
  3. I offer an optional carpet protection system which is applied as per the manufactures guidance. The protection will wear off over time and is best applied to freshly cleaned carpets. It is not a guarantee to stop all spills from penetrating the carpet rather it is designed to coat the carpet fibres to reduce the amount of liquid penetrating the fibres and therefore increasing the chance of removing spills if acted upon quickly.
  4. When carpets/upholstered items are made they are often done so without consideration to after sale cleaning. There is therefore a risk when cleaning them even when following industry accepted procedures that the appearance/feel of these items can be adversely affected. Every care is taken to avoid such issues by conducting tests to minimise risks. However due to the multitude of variables involved (including but not limited to the construction type of the carpet/item, backing materials used which are not often not visible, multiple fibre types with individual characteristics, age, previous cleaning residual cleaning solutions and atmospheric conditions) this can be unforeseen and therefore not predictable. I therefore cannot be held responsible for issues relating to the following: Loss or change of finish, stains which have migrated from unseen backing materials to the cover fabric, bobbling of any fabric coverings, persistent odours from stains such as urine, cellulosic browning, damage to loose furniture frames legs and buttons.
  5. Shrinkage can occur when wetting woven carpets and upholstery during cleaning. I do not over wet carpets/upholstery therefore reducing risk. Chances of shrinkage are minimal when the carpets are correctly fitted to the carpet gripper rods and seams are installed correctly. We do not accept liability for shrinkage through issues relating to insufficient carpet fitting. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure carpets are secured at all edges and joins prior to cleaning to include functioning carpet grippers and suitable adhesive tape/glue is in good condition without sign of deterioration or failure in any way. A degree of shrinkage/tightening is to be expected with upholstery.

Part 7- Copyright & GDPR

  1. All images and text found upon our website are subject to copyright and any copying, reproduction or downloading of material on this site is strictly prohibited.
  2. Our full privacy policy is available to view at Information we store: Title, first name, surname, address, phone numbers, email addresses, property type (e.g. bungalow / flat / townhouse / house / office / shop etc), parking provision at the property, marketing source (how you heard about us),company name if applicable, your feedback, notes (detailing our contact, enquiries, work completed etc), cleaning dates, appointment dates and times. Opting in overleaf enables us to store this data for future convenience. You can also choose to receive free reminders and offer emails. Whether opting in or not we have to store this survey sheet as required by our insurance however contact information can be redacted.

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