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Stain Removal / Treatment

Your Professional Stain Removal / Treatment specialist for Colchester & Sudbury

I offer a professional stain removal / treatment service in Colchester and the surrounding area including Sudbury.

We have all been there, that slip of the hand or knocking into the coffee table only to see your glass of red wine or cup of tea fall in slow motion towards the floor.

The key to removing a stain is speed and technique. If your carpet is protected by a carpet protector you are more likely to be able to remove the stain before it sets.

Regardless, speed is key. The sooner you call in a professional carpet cleaner (preferably the same or next day) the greater the chance of the stain being removed.

The first thing to understand is that not all stains can be removed. This depends on a number of variables such as what is the stain? How old is it? Is it water based like tea or oil based like makeup? Is the carpet fibre synthetic or natural like wool?

Has the stain dyed the carpet? Have you tried to remove it with household products which often make it worse? Have you rubbed or scrubbed the stain? (Never rub as friction can lock the stain and prevent removal. Don't rub ... blot).

Picture showing a glass on wine fallig over on cream carpet

When I visit I will conduct a carpet survey to identify the carpet fibre and backing material to establish the likelihood of the stain being removed,

Let's say you have a wool carpet. Wool is a natural fibre which contains water, just as our bodies do. Wool is very absorbent to water but repels oils quite well. So if you spill red wine on a light coloured wool carpet the wool fibre will soak up the wine absorbing it deep into the fibre and making removal unlikely. An oil based stain will more likely be removed as natural fibres repel wool easier.

Now let's take the same scenario with a synthetic fibre carpet now. Synthetic carpets like acrylic, polyester and polyproprolene are oil based "plastics" which are processed into a yarn for carpets. These fibres are far less absorbent than wool and as such will not hold the stain as effectively as wool and therefore chances of removal are improved.

Give me a call and I can come and take a look.

picture showing paint stain on carpet

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