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Colchester and Sudbury's Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

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Is there any better feeling than slipping in to your own bed with freshly changed sheets at the end of a long day? Ok, so maybe there are a few better feelings but I think you would agree, this is still a good one!

How often do you clean your bed sheets? Quite frequently I would imagine. Now how often do you clean your mattress? Ahh, not so often ... Am I right?

Well Mattresses need cleaning too, all be far less often than bed sheets. Sharing your bed can be great ... but what else are you sharing your bed with? Let's take a look and discuss what can be done to remove the dirt and unwanted guests (and I don't mean snoring partners or office party mistakes I'm afraid) from your bed.

Diagram showing what can be in a mattress

Ok, so now we know what is contaminating and living in our nice "clean" beds.

What now? Well firstly, don't panic.

There is no need to drag your mattress out in to the front garden screaming and burning it before jumping in the shower and scrubbing yourself with a scourer.

It's important to realise that these contaminants are unlikely to do you any harm, however the allergens such as pollen and dust mite faeces can cause issues for asthmatics and those prone to allergies. But frankly it's still not a nice thought is it? So how can we clean your mattress so that instead of just having clean sheets you can actually have a clean bed? It's not so tough.

I use the same high powered top of the range hot water extraction (often referred to as steam cleaning) machine as I use for cleaning carpets. The Airflex Storm! I attach a specialised upholstery tool which prevents over wetting the mattress to ensure fast drying times.

The process usually takes around an hour to clean a double mattress. Most mattresses are dry in around 4 hours however I advise booking a morning appointment to be sure as this will depend on the fabric of the mattress, the room temperature, available ventilation and how dirty the mattress was.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

Please note that I am unable to clean mattresses with faeces or blood contamination for health and safety reasons.

See my Colchester Mattress Cleaning results for yourself:

Psst ... if the video quality is poor click the cog image (bottom right left of youtube logo) click quality and select 1080p)

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